Party im Park (en)

Das farbige Poster bewirbt das Festival im Park. Grafische hellgrüne Bäume in Form von E-Gitarren ragen mit dem Hals nach unten und stecken in einem türkis-farbenem See, der auch wie eine E-Gitarre aussieht. Der See erstreckt sich horizontal vom linken zum rechten Bildrand in der Mitte des Bildes. Darüber steht in großen roten und grünen Buchstaben geschrieben: Party im Park: Das inklusive Fest zu 15 Jahren Handiclapped. 10. Juni 2023, Freiluftkino Friedrichshain."

Party im Park – The inclusive festival to celebrate
15 years of Handiclapped. 10 June 2023. Open Air Cinema Friedrichshain.


There’s a lot to celebrate.
Handiclapped turns 15.
And the Special Olympics World Games come to Berlin.
Dance with us in the open air cinema Friedrichshain.
There are: concerts // disco // market with exhibitors // participatory actions // performances and much more.


A color photo of DJ Andi is on a turquoise stripe at the bottom of the picture. It says "DJ Andi. " In the photo DJ Andi is sitting behind a table in a wheelchair. On the table there is a mixing console and a laptop, and in the background there are drums. DJ Andi is wearing a sleeveless white top with a black Adidas logo. There's a black bag around his neck. He has short hair and wears sunglasses. He has no arms, but hands on his shoulders. He smiles at the camera.

14:30 Disco | DJ Andi

A horizontal color photo of Mendecino hangs above a turquoise color stripe. There is written in white: "Mendecino". The photo shows seven women and men in front of the stage. Some are drumming, some are playing bass and electric guitar and some are singing. In the background is a black handiclapped banner with the club's logo: a minimalist representation of a guitar.

15:20 Concert | Mendecino

A horizontal color photo of Staubstumm is attached to a turquoise color stripe above. There is written in white: "Staubstumm". 14 people, 13 men and a woman sit and stand in front of and on a staircase with green area that leads to a green door on the side. All men wear a white shirt and a black tie. A woman sits in the middle with purple dress and black boots. Instruments are at the base of the stairs. To the right of the picture is a wheelchair user with a hat.

16:50 Concert | Staubstumm

A square color photo of The Gabys is on the left side of a turquoise  color stripe. There is written in white: "The Gabys". Seven women aged 35 and over in short, shiny blue dresses stand in and in front of an elevator looking directly into the camera. Most of them hold an instrument in their hand. At the front left of the elevator is a woman with long blonde hair blowing into her saxophone. Next to her sits her colleague with red longer hair and holds her bass guitar upright in front of her body. Behind her with her mouth and eyes wide open is a woman with medium-length brown hair holding a keyboard in front of her. The other women hold drum sticks, microphone and electric guitar in their hands upwards.

18:20 Concert | Die Gabys

A vertical color photo of Ezé Wendtoin is located to the right next to a turquoise color stripe. There is written in white: "Ezé Wendtoin". The background ranges from light blue to white. In the photo, Ezé is laughing with his electric guitar around his shoulder and grasping the strings. His face is stretched upwards. He wears yellow trousers, blue-white-red sneakers, a white T-shirt with graphic red, blue and red circles, two chains around his neck and glasses. His dark hair is curly upwards.

19:50 Concert | Ezé Wendtoin

The horizontal color photo by Martin Sommer shows DJane Martina from Dynamis from the side and it's attached to a turquoise stripe at the bottom. There is written in white: "DJane Martina". At the bottom of the picture are the mixing console and an unfolded notebook. In the centre, she sings the song with her eyes closed and headphones on her ears. She wears a light blue T-shirt of her club. Your forearms are outstretched forward.

21:00 Disco | DJane Martina

Further program

A horizontal color photo of two models from Auf Augenhoehe is on a turquoise color strip at the bottom of the picture border. In white writing, it says, "At eye level. " In the photo: Two short persons, a woman and a man, pose in front of the camera. There's a band playing in the background. The female model with long blonde hair is wearing sand-colored pants made of light fabric, a black bandeau top and a black jacket. The male model wears short black trousers that reach above the knee. Above it he wears a white long-sleeved shirt. She is illuminated by the headlights and looks into the camera with her mouth half open. He turns to her and offers her his hand with his left palm open. He's smiling.

Fashion show | Auf Augenhoehe

A horizontal color photo of three dancing women of Kompanie danzfähig is on a turquoise color stripe at the bottom of bilrand. In white writing it says: "Kompanie tanzfähih". Three women have stretched their legs at the bottom and hold different coloured transparent cloths in pink, blue and white. In the background, four other people in gym clothes are watching the women.

Performance | Kompanie tanzfähig

A horizontal color photo of three dancing women of Kompanie danzfähig is on a turquoise color strip at the bottom of Bidlrand. It says "Dat Muddi" in white. On the photo: Claudia with medium blonde hair tied to a ponytail and Pony sits in a tailor's seat in front of the camera on the stage in front of the podium on which the drums stand. With her eyes closed, she sings into the microphone and has placed her right open hand on her chest. There's a ring on her ring finger. She wears green sneakers, grey wool leg cuffs, leggings with lots of red flowers, a dark green handiclapped shirt covered by a red training jacket, and a necklace with a heart pendant. To the left in front of her is a plastic bottle of water.

Concert | Dat Muddi

The colour photo of PAKATOS is on a turquoise stripe at the bottom of the picture, which reads: "PAKATOS". It says "PAKATOS" in white. In the photo: Six people, five men and one woman, drum on bongos in a white tent pavilion. The photo's from a newspaper.

Concert | PAKATOS

The color photo of the Special Olympics World Games is on a turquoise stripe at the bottom of the picture, which reads: "Special Olympics World Games". On the photo: The heart-shaped blue mascot with a turquoise headband and yellow shoes of the Special Olympics World Games jumps wide-legged in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The sky is blue and the buildings are irradiated by the sun.

Speech | Special Olympics World Games


The festival grounds are barrier-free and wheelchair accessible

German and English Sign Language

Easy Language

Awareness team on site


10€ Festival ticket
5€ Reduced ticket*
0€ Free admission**

* School children, students, those engaged in national military or community service, unemployed persons, severely disabled persons (with at least 50% reduction in earning capacity
** Accredited athletes of the Special Olympics World Games, assistants

Sales: online or on site


Address: Volkspark, Ernst-Zinna-Weg, 10249 Berlin


Platz der Vereinten Nationen: Tram M4, M5, M6, M8 or Bus 142
Landsberger Allee/ Petersburger Str.: M4, M10 or Bus M6

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