Handiclapped is a non-profit charity based in Berlin. 
We have about 40 members. 
Our aim is to promote inclusion through live music. 
We want to help musicians with disability and bands with musicians with and without disability to get more gigs.  
The goal is to create joint experiences through live music as a universal language. 
To break down prejudices and barriers in people’s minds.


Handiclapped organizes concerts (mostly rock, but also anything from punk to classic).
Always one band with musicians with disability performs and one without. 
The concerts take place in accessible rooms. 
They finish not late at night.
Entry fee is mostly only 5 Euro (assistants free). 
The concept is, that different bands, technicians, and audience come together. 
Since 2008 we organized over 350 concerts. 
Currently we organize about one concert a month. 


Alone in Germany there are probably about 300 inclusive bands.  
With barrmusic.org we give over 50 of them a platform. 
BarrMusic was put together so far in our spare time. 
Currently we create a better-looking platform with more functionality.
It will be found at pincmusc.net (platform inclusive music). 
Goal is to inspire more event organizers to give inclusive bands and solo musicians with disability a stage. 
The event locations also get listed and a label “inclusive event location”. 

Handiclapped bands

We support two inclusive bands directly:

  • The “Handiclapped Band” and
  • “Die Befreiten”. 


Handiclapped organizes band and dance workshops. 
People of any abilities get empowered to play a song in a band.
Or to dance a short performance. 
These acts perform at one of our concerts. 

Congress “Live Music and Inclusion”

Every other year we organize a congress.
It brings together over 50 different projects.
For talks, workshops and of course a concert with party. 
You can see the variety of participants in a short video at 
https://youtu.be/fYUUXpm6MvE (with subtitles).

“Inclusion Rocks &Rolls”

This summer Sven and Basti will ride a tandem through all of Germany.
Sven has a brain tumour and Basti is blind. 
In all of the 16 state capitals of Germany we’ll organize an event.
With band, talks, discussion abour inclusion and a bike demo. 

Online meetings

Last year we organized 6 Zoom meetings.
About 30 different bands and projects exchanged knowledge and ideas. 
Probably we will continue this this year. 

Radio show

Handiclapped has a monthly radio show at rockradio.de 
We mostly play music from bands in our network. 


Handiclapped is financed mostly via project funds. 
This is a year to year task. 
We always need own funds.
Project funding almost always asks for 10% or 20% own funds. 
By design our concerts are not profitable
So Handiclapped also depends on donations.